Wednesday, 16 February 2022

PG Halloween Frog Girl Escape

Palani Games - PG Halloween Frog Girl Escape Game is another point and clicks escape game developed by PalaniGames. Halloween Frog is a female category. It lives in a small pond. Not only is there a Frog Family, there are so many animals there, like snakes, fishes, turtles, crocodiles,etc. In this Halloween Frog, think this place is very dangerous to living us. So it's decided we need to escape from these animals. But they don't know how? So you need help with this Halloween Frog. Some hints we are providing for you to save the Frog. You need to concentrate carefully and guide the frog out of the pond. Finally, you successfully finished this game. Once again, congrats on keeping in touch with our game!

PG Halloween Frog Girl Escape Walkthrough

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