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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

PG Potentate King Escape

Palani Games - PG Potentate King Escape Game is another point and clicks escape game developed by PalaniGames. In one country there was a palace of magnificent size on a very large scale. A potentate king lived in that palace. One day the potentate king accidentally got stuck in a cave while roaming around the country. Your duty is to save that potentate king who is trapped. There are many clues and many items hidden in that country to save that potentate king. Congratulations on finding all the clues and saving that trapped potentate king and winning the game. This game is designed to cure depression and thanks to all the fun and enjoyment of this game. This game will be interesting and exciting. Good luck and have fun!

PG Potentate King Escape Walkthrough

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