Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Marco Giorgini A Weekend at the Villa

Killers, Mad Scientists, Cultists, an Ancient God, a very odd Secret Service - and ItAdvCon. Did you have plans for this weekend? The Story Paco is a musician whose dream to start to gain money with his talent and passion seems to have a shot, thanks to his contribution to a thrilling videogame that he's done with Marco Giorgini. The turning point could be ItAdvCon - the Italian Convention for Adventure Games - where they'll be able to showcase their work AND to meet an important publisher that may be willing to put real money on them. If that was not enough, this year ItAdvCon will be held in a luxury location - Villa Apate, near San Luca, Bologna, usually a place for more exotic and prestigious events - and Marco was able somehow to book a room so they'll be able to finish to prepare their speech together and with every possible comfort. Paco thinks that they really had a lucky hit. But did they really have it? Where are you when the game starts? Well, you don't know that for sure. You don't remember *anything * but you think you may be in a hotel room. But you'll have to figure out something about your recent past - in a hurry - because it seems someone wants to kill you. And that won't be necessarily your main problem for long. How to play Left-click: use / interact / talk to Right-click: look at / move to To change area, click to move to the exit point, then once there, click again

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