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Thursday, 6 May 2021

GotMail Escape game Micro Escape 26

Hello. There are only a few places left in March. Are you ready for the new season? Although it is a mini app Micro Escape, it has been delivered in a relatively short cycle. We have delivered up to # 26 this time. Is the world getting busier and busier? Short stories rather than feature-length novels. TV dramas rather than feature films .. Youtube for more. In the olden days, blogs became the mainstream, and short sentences such as Twitter were sent to your homepage in long sentences. Personally, I've found that even the escape games I've been involved with are more interesting in short stories. I've come to avoid feature films when playing various creator escape apps. It's about this time that I think that there is no such thing as sitting down and working for a long time. .. So I prepared a simple escape game this time as well. Free escape game "Micro Escape # 26". Please enjoy. This game is a free game that is perfect for those who do not have time. Escape from the closed room within 5 minutes for beginners and within 3 minutes for masters.

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GotMail Escape game Micro Escape 26 Walkthrough

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