Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Zoe and the Polypantheon

Zoe's waited her whole life for this exact day: a field trip across the seas to the newly excavated Temple of the Polypantheon, where there's a shrine for seemingly every god in existence (and Zoe is a sucker for gods). But when Zoe accidentally-maybe-on-purpose gets locked in the temple overnight, strange things start happening. Things that shouldn't glow begin to glow, and ancient beings stir. Zoe must figure out how to appease the gods ... at least until the electricity comes back on.
POINT-AND-CLICK INSTRUCTIONS: Click on items in the world to pick them up or interact. Double click an item in your inventory to examine it. Some items can be combined; click on one inventory item and then the other inventory item to combine them. Select an item in your inventory, then click on an object in the world to interact with it.

Zoe and the Polypantheon Walkthrough


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