Thursday, 6 December 2018

AVM Escape Thanksgiving Forest

AVM Escape Thanksgiving Forest is another point & click  escape game developed by AVMGamesIn this game, you are a ranger who have been protecting the endangered species of the nearby mountains for years. One day, you were patrolling with your mate in the forest, when suddenly you glanced a black van in a dense bushy area...! You got your telescope and started to observe the individuals. Suddenly you realized they were poachers who hunted down some extremely endangered animal! You wanted to intercept them at all cost, so you rushed them with your gun. They were standing in front of you, when suddenly something hit you from behind and you fell unconscious...! A couple of hours later, you woke up in a garden, sealed off with a high fence and a locked gate. Find hidden objects and fit them together to escape from there somehow. Good luck and have fun!

AVM Escape Thanksgiving Forest Walkthrough


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