Sunday, 26 August 2018

Avm Escape Dad And Mom

Escape Dad And Mom is the latest point and click escape game created by aVmGames. The holidays is fast approaching and your mom and dad are planning to spend it at your family's rest house near the woods; it's to encourage you to go outside since your parents noticed that you're always slouched in a corner either holding your smartphone or clicking away with your mouse on your personal computer. This sounded boring but, admit it, you don't want to be left alone in the city either. When you arrived at your family's rest house you felt uneasy, no electrical appliances around, no electric sockets of some sort; realizing this, you tried to sleep it out. The next day you woke up to the smell of pancakes. "Yum," you thought. You then hurried downstairs and headed for the kitchen but you noticed something odd--no one was around. Brushing the thought aside, you continued to chow down on the pancakes. They were yummy, indeed.4 hours passed and still no sign of your parents. What could've happened to them? You tried to go outside but noticed the it was locked; the doors lock from the outside. Good luck and have fun!

Avm Escape Dad And Mom Walkthrough


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